It’s not that I don’t appreciate my life sober, but it’s like there are two different people battling inside of me. I want to be good, do good, be a worker among workers, a friend among friends. But there’s also this part of me that is so dissatisfied with everything, If I’m not living on the verge of death, I feel like I’m not really living.

— Nic Sheff (via ramshacklechild)

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i am a living poem // d.v.e
Don’t ever put your happiness in someone else’s hands. They’ll drop it. They’ll drop it everytime.

One For Sorrow, C.Barzak (via bl-ossomed)

they will

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9/2/14after you left, pt.1

This this this this this

on my dash ayy
Your lips are like wine, and I want to get drunk.

— William Shakespeare  (via fallarcy)

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I aim to be
but my
hands still
and my voice
isn’t quite

— Michelle K., Earning Your Roar.  (via seulray)

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